Shine in Peace

Shine in Peace

An ongoing project documenting every shooting, every murder, in Oakland,CA.

In 2012, there were 131 homicides and at least 4,000 shootings in Oakland, California. Rarely are the stories of those who have fallen victim to gun violence told with great depth or context in Oakland. We aim to change that. Throughout the year, we'll document every shooting, every murder. We'll tell the stories of those affected by Oakland's gun violence through deep community engagement, exploring the issues tied to gun violence, and data reporting.

We'll strive to make every victim more than just another statistic.

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Oakland Shootings 2013

The following map tracks all shootings, homicides, and gun-related suicides we've discovered this year in Oakland. The data found on this map comes from multiple sources: Oakland Police Department records, police scanner traffic, news reports, and user input.

If you know of a shooting that is not on this map, or have a story to tell about someone who was impacted by gun violence, please contact us at


Shootings w/ Injury

Shootings w/out Injury